Background Verification

Jeyas Group is the first of its kind Background Verification Organisation which uses sophisticated technologies and programs to help businesses and individuals establish trust over the internet, enabling them to certify their own integrity and that of others. The latest technologies we use enables individuals to verify their identity, education, certifications, employment, references, criminal record and more through our services such as complete background check, identity verification, resume verification etc. A steady surge can be seen in the marketplace where 6/100 candidates have been found to have some sort of discrepancy in their resume record for the sole urge of making more money and gaining a prominent position without having the relevant experience, skillsets and degree qualifications. Over the past 5 years, almost 6000 new fake job shops and unlicensed education institutes offering fraudulent experience and degree certificates have surfaced and only made matters worse.

We know that a company's greatest fear is a bad employee. We also know that current screening practices in the industry are highly expensive, outdated, time consuming and are not user friendly. Our screening process goes beyond your expectation of comprehensive credit, education, past employment, criminal, identity, reference checks.

  • Employment Check
  • Contractor, Vendor & Temporary Staff Check
  • Education Check
  • Licenses & Credentials Check
  • Address Check
  • Identity Check
  • Reference Check
  • Social Media Check
  • Employee Drug Testing Check
  • Public Database Check
  • Police Clearance Certificate Check
  • Criminal Records Check

Employment Team

We know that a company's greatest fear is a bad employee. We also know that current screening practices in the industry are highly expensive, outdated, time consuming and are not user friendly. Our screening process goes beyond your expectation of comprehensive credit, education, past employment, criminal, identity, reference checks.

This verification helps to know more about the work history of the employee, his other skills, appraisals, exit interview history, remunerations and various designations as claimed by the employee. Employment check whether there are any gaps or inconsistencies in one’s employment history and helps in establishing the honesty, reliability and trustworthiness of this hire.

Contractor, Vendor & Temporary Staff Check

We process the background check for your contingent workforce to the same standards as your employees through pre-employment background checks. Whether they work directly with your organization or come to you through a third party, they become the face of your organization to consumers and other businesses, often working alongside your employees which can protect the integrity of the organisation.

We dig the potential hire’s employment history – and verify it to ascertain the said candidate’s overall performance and work experience at his past employers. In cases, where one (or more) of the past employers are no longer in business, a thorough investigation is carried out through alternative means – to ensure the validity of claims of the person having worked there.

Education Check

Educational qualification is one of the most important deciding factors in the entire recruitment process whether to select a candidate and they form the basis for shortlisting the candidates for further assessments.

It may not always be possible for the organisations to verify the education details furnished by each job applicant, it becomes mandatory to screen these details at least for all applicants reaching the final stages of hiring – including technical and prominent posts. This Education check will be helpful for the organisations who work for Multinational clients and those who require extensive travel abroad.

Licenses & Credentials Check

It is mandatory for the professional organisations to have the license and professional candidates for the jobs. We perform the Licenses / Credentials check through the organisations that issued that licenses, granting source or issuing agency directly to check the status, sanctions, restrictions and expiration date of any license or credential that candidate has listed.

Address Check

Address Verification procedure for a prospective candidate is one of the important modules of Background verification carried out as a part of employee screening services by Jeyas. Through this we ensure that the person has provided his/ her current as well as permanent residential address is correct and valid. Residential addresses verification helps during the criminal record searches and establishing credit reports for the prospective candidate.

We perform other checks like credit card billing addresses, landline telephone bills, locality and reference neighbour checks and important documents check are some of the other parts of Address verification Module. Depending upon the client’s requirements, we can carry out these screening with /without the knowledge of the prospective candidate. In case of direct checks, the candidate must be willing to provide us the originals and required proofs. In case, the screening process needs to covered, without the candidate’s knowledge, Jeyas entirely understands the sensitive situation, and employs tailored screening mechanisms.

Identity Check

Jeyas perform the authenticity of a candidate’s identity through a verification of any/ all Government-issued identity documents, submitted by the prospective candidate. The applicable identity documents in India include:

  • Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Voter ID
  • Driving License

Reference Check

The process of reference checking means checking of a prospective employee’s or associate’s past employment and conduct record through the references submitted. In simple words, it indicates a complete background research of a shortlisted candidate to ensure that person would be a good fit for a said role through the feedback provided by references. Research proves that reference checks serve as good predictors of a prospective employee’s performance and conduct on a job. These checks can give good insights into a person’s job potential, future performance, success on difficult processes, ability to stick to a job etc., and even the probability of the person’s intangible skills like work attitude, dedication, team abilities and the employee’s

Social Media Check

Social media searches can provide a good deal of job-related information to help you make smarter hiring and management decisions, as well as helping you understand whether a candidate or employee will extend or detract from your mission and values as an organization.

Employee Drug Testing Check

Our pre-employment drug screening features simplify collections and straightforward data to give you the information you need to promote a safe, secure, productive, drug-free workplace.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Expedite your hiring process with a variety of quick, reliable employment drug screening services.

Laboratory Testing

Saliva, urine, hair and blood testing options with related services that provide you with a complete, single source for drug screening for employment.

Electronic Chain Of Custody Forms

Our innovative technology automates your drug test screening process, providing you with faster results, reduced paperwork and increased visibility through real-time candidate status updates. This can also be used for Department of Transportation (DOT) drug screens electronically through eCCF approved labs.

Public Database Check

Public databases maintained by a country government or law enforcement agencies/bodies are a valuable source of useful information about a candidate. With the help of public database check, it is possible to dig out all the information about a candidate very quickly and easily. Public databases on a country can provide a minefield of information about a prospective candidate, including:

  • Court Records
  • Marriage & Divorce Records
  • Estate Records
  • Genealogy Records
  • Property & Business Records
  • Vital Records
  • Arrests and Convictions
  • Civil Judgments
  • Bankruptcies and Liens
  • Income Information
  • Age/Date of Birth
  • Address History
  • Aliases/Maiden Name
  • Checks across public databases for suspicious activity post reported death
  • Risk Score
  • Quantified scoring to facilitate easy decision-making for underwriting teams
  • Salary validation
  • Salary Slip Verification
  • Authentication and validation through salary slip analysis
  • Online Transaction Validation
  • Online banking transactions like NEFT based validation
  • Address-Based Salary Prediction
  • Using data algorithms to predict salaries based on address
  • Death & Birth Records

Police Clearance Certificate Check

Foolproof processes for police verifications of individuals.

Criminal Records Check

We provide criminal record search services to help you uncover relevant criminal records, sex offenses and professional or financial sanctions quickly and as part of your pre-employment background checks or resident screening.