Our Vision

To provide the best quality of education, employment and business opportunities for the unemployed there by providing a better quality and happier life.

Our Mission

We pursue a result-oriented approach in a systematic way to deliver superior quality products and services to all of our customers through our experience, excellence and expertise.

Our Culture

Our difference depends on the diverse, engaged, passionate, and experienced people who create our ideas and serve our clients. We believe that increasingly complex challenges demand people with both deeper expertise and the ability to engage joyously across disciplines, lines of business, and borders.

Our Values

Be Sexy

Nothing is Sexier than Honesty, Integrity, Ethical values, Transparency and Accountability and they are the key values what we stand for.

Be Different

We are different. We think different. Our perception of your problem is different. We are innovative and we have the courage to stand up and make a difference and provide the best solutions and help you succeed.

Be Customer Centric

We are committed to making our clients feel like a million bucks and We do what we say we’ll do and we deliver WOW through our Service. Our Actions speak louder than words. We believe in people and their dreams and we help them to achieve their dreams.

Be Courageous

We have the courage to innovate, take risks and continuously improve the services. We face the client’s challenges with optimism and provide the best solutions with a quick turnaround time. We always love to do the right thing in the right way in the right time.

Be Yourself

We accept for who you are! You may be with a Tattoo, Piercings or you got a quirky laugh. It’s what makes you special and interesting. We check our egos at the door. Laugh, smile, dance! Look beautiful! Life is too short to be lame.

Be Kind

Selfless acts of kindness make someone’s moment or day. This define us. We treat all our employees with respect and dignity.

Our Profile

Incepted in 2018, We, Jeyas Group an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organisation are actively engaged in Business Consulting, Back Ground Verifications, Software Application Development and manufacturing of qualitative Cleaning and Sanitary Products.

We are a lawful, highly principled and socially responsible enterprise where human element scores over monetary gains. Our products are designed and manufactured using top-notch quality components and innovative technology in order to meet international quality standards. We offer products in various specifications at affordable prices.

Our Team

We are a group of Entrepreneurs, Professionals with more than a decade of experience in our own respective fields. We value exceptional people - people with intelligence, energy, passion, emotional sensitivity, and a commitment to excellence. We believe that if we have common aspirations, a non-hierarchical environment based on respect, and no artificial barriers to advancement, then exceptional people will realize their potential. We bring experts in every relevant discipline to each client’s challenge.


An Entrepreneur, Management Graduate, University Topper, IT Professional with extensive experience in India, UAE and USA with top notch clients.

Managing Director

A Women Entrepreneur, Educationalist, Very Creative, Passionate, Great Visionary, Highly Optimistic, Assertive and Philanthropist.

Why Us


We understand our customers and their challenges and analyse them and deliver solutions that help them to excel in their business.

Adaptable & Agile

We are very much agile. We anticipate, adapt and respond to new possibilities and changes in the current market and there by provide better solutions to our customers.


We are committed to making a difference through our work. We are passionate about what we do and it makes us the best at what we do.


We do not shy away from telling hard truths to our clients, nor will we compromise our results or conclusions for client preferences. Our insights will be clear and able to withstand critical review.

Reliable & Trust-Worthy

We are trustworthy people. Our colleagues, customers and other fraternities in our ecosystem appreciate and support us because of our honesty, reliability and responsibility we take as business partners.


Good choices are grounded in good information. We value facts and feedback, speak our minds, and understand that hard choices and difficult tradeoffs are often necessary.


We value performance and results. We set and hold ourselves accountable for high standards.

Socially Responsible

We are a socially responsible organisation and we care for the environment we live in and care for the people who are in need.